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Call for Proposals

Submit your session

Should I submit my idea?

Yes, definitely! Submitting proposals is your job. Worrying about what fits the program is ours. When in doubt, submit it. To aid both new and experienced speakers, we offer support to help you develop your unfinished ideas into a great session

By submitting, you agree:

  • to the Code of Conduct
  • that we can make photographs and video recordings of your sessions
  • that we can publish your information, photos, and videos


  • Main conference
    • Presentations (50 min)
    • Lightning Talks (15 min)
    • Hands-on Labs (2 hours)
  • DDD Foundations
    • Focused talks on a single DDD implementation topic (25 min) or established DDD practices and concepts
  • Pre-conference Workshops
    • 1-, 2-, or 3-day workshops


Besides topics directly related to Domain-Driven Design, we're interested in pretty much everything that somehow relates to software design:

  • Software analysis, modelling, and design
  • Case studies, experience reports, post-mortems
  • Visualisation and collaboration techniques
  • Software architecture
  • Systems Thinking, Complexity theory, …
  • Product development
  • Testing and refactoring
  • Strategy, organisation, bridging technology and business
  • Distributed systems
  • Software design philosophy, psychology, sociology
  • Ideas that challenge Domain-Driven Design. Be prepared for intense debate!
  • Practical sessions
  • Crazy experiments
  • … Anything you believe would be valuable for smart, experienced, and passionate software engineers and architects.

DDD Foundations

DDD Foundations 2022 is a 1 day subconference. This edition is focused on established concepts in DDD, and implementing DDD: programming techniques, patterns, refactoring, testing, ...

  • We're looking for 25 minute talks, that highlight specific aspects of programming in a DDD context, such as design patterns, principles, architectural concepts, refactoring, testing, ...
  • These talks should be accessible to people with little experience working in a DDD team. Ideally, these sessions are practical and applicable, and show code examples.
  • They must be understandable by programmers who don't know your choice of programming language.

Hands-on Labs & workshops

We love practical sessions! An ideal workshop or hands-on session:

  • ...favours practice over theory
  • ...is focused on a domain, a methodology, or an approach, rather than a technology
  • ...can range from experimental to well-known formats
  • ...puts the 'work' in 'workshop': modelling, drawing, writing, discussing, coding, …
  • ...encourages collaboration between participants (eg pairing or team work)
  • ...makes you want to go to the office on Monday and change the way you work!

Hands-on Labs are 2 hours, workshops are 1 to 3 full days.

Programming languages & Technologies

The conference does not focus on any particular programming language or technology. If your session has code, that's fine, but participants should be able to understand it even if they don’t know the language or tech. We do make exceptions, usually for hands-on sessions or workshops.

Spoken language

All sessions are in English.

Submission Process

  • Send us as many proposals as you’d like, for as many as the accepted formats as you like, before the submission deadline on March 31 2022.
  • Even before the deadline, we might start accepting proposals, so being early helps.
  • We might ask you to have a short conference call with us. Sometimes we like to ask for clarifications, or suggest changes to the contents or the format. If we contact you for such a call, it is not a guarantee your proposal will be accepted.
  • We’ll notify you at latest 60 days after the submission deadline whether your idea is accepted or not. We'll ask for a final confirmation before announcing you.
  • Even after you've been accepted, we'd like to help you make the most of your presentation or workshop. That's why we offer presentation support. We'll put you in touch with other speakers, to help you develop your material, be your soundboard, and give you feedback. We might also ask you to do the same for others. We've found that even for experienced speakers, a bit of back and forth can greatly improve the presentation or workshop.

Increase Your Chances

Evaluating a submission based on nothing but an abstract is hard. Help us get to know you and your ideas by:

  • Sending us links to your content.
  • Blogging about your topic.
  • Talk about it at a local meetup. There are plenty of DDD (and other) meetups across Europe, and most of them are happy to have new and inexperienced speakers.
  • Record your own video, ... Be creative!
  • We generally prefer talks that are not technology-specific, although exceptions are possible. Code examples in talks are welcome, but should be understandable by developers not familiar with your programming language.
  • Building a program involves lots of trade-offs, and often we have the painful task of refusing great proposals for other reasons than the topic. If yours is not accepted, please consider this an invitation to try again next year.
  • If you would like to pitch your product or service, we provide plenty of sponsorship opportunities. A 1-minute pitch at the beginning or end of your talk is acceptable.


We'll pay for travel, accommodation, and professional child care, as well as access to the conference. If you have other requirements, please let us know.

Should I buy a ticket?

If you have already bought a ticket, and your proposal is accepted, we'll fully refund it. Or you can give it away to a friend or colleague.