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A Commune in the Ivory Tower? - A New Approach to Architecture

UPDATE - Gathered data

A Miro board containing all the data from the keynote is now available! This board contains:

  • The design of the keynote
  • The content and activities from the session
  • The data collected in all the responses

This data is for everyone to explore and play with in whichever way best serves them.

The raw data from the responses will be published next, so please stay tuned for that.

About the session

In this session we’re turning a talk about Architecture into a conversation about Architecture. The opening keynote becomes a container for that conversation.

Andrew will be sharing an idea to get us started and the rest of us in the team (Dan, Diana, Gayathri and Mike) each have a role in supporting the process.

Our invitation to you is to share what matters to you, while listening carefully to others and remaining open to possibilities. We invite everyone to contribute at the level that is comfortable to them, and if there is any point where you’d rather not join the conversation, please just stay in listening mode and try to give your attention to what’s going on around you.

Here are the links you need to participate in the keynote:

Here is a summary of the Advice Process, for reference during your conversations: