DDD Europe 2022 - Program

Architecture for Flow with Wardley Mapping, DDD, and Team Topologies


Susanne Kaiser

Susanne Kaiser

In a world of rapid changes and increasing uncertainties, organisations have to continuously adapt and evolve to remain competitive and excel in the market. In such a dynamic business landscape organisations need to design for adaptability.

Combining different perspectives and techniques from business strategy (Wardley Mapping), software architecture and design (Domain-Driven Design), and team organisation (Team Topologies) provides a powerful toolset to design, build and evolve adaptive systems and team structures for a fast flow of change.

This talk illustrates the concepts, connects the dots between these three perspectives, and demonstrates how these techniques help to evolve a legacy system for a fast flow of change.

About Susanne Kaiser

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Susanne Kaiser is an independent tech consultant from Hamburg, Germany, supporting organizations with building socio-technical systems. She is passionate about connecting the dots between Wardley Mapping, Domain-Driven Design, and Team Topologies as a holistic approach to design and build adaptive systems for a fast flow of change. Susanne was previously working as a startup CTO and has a background in computer sciences and experience in software development and software architecture since 2002. She is the author of the book "Adaptive Systems with Domain-Driven Design, Wardley Mapping, and Team Topologies: Architecture for Flow" (Addison-Wesley Signature Series (Vernon), 2022).