DDD Europe 2022 - Program

Build great products by learning more about your end users


Zsófia Herendi

Zsófia Herendi

(This is a hands-on lab with limited capacity)

DDD is about deriving everything from the business side, we need to architect our products in a way that most helps achieving business success. But we cannot do it without considering the end users, the different personas whom we deliver value for. We really need to make sure who these people are exactly (if it is people), what are the issues they are facing every day and what is their goal with using our product. Once we learn all this about our users we can confidently go forward to build up our backlog knowing that all the stories in there are strategically important. In this session participants will learn about how to understand the business model and what value they deliver to what customers, and from there gaining a much deeper understanding on customers and build up a backlog with stories that solve real customer's real problem.

About Zsófia Herendi

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Zsófia is a product manager who has spent more than 17 years bringing developers and business people together, 11+ years working on different teams in an agile environment. She is a skilled modeler with a passion for diagramming and an addiction to optimizing flow.