DDD Europe 2022 - Program

Change the Perspective On Change - The 2 Loops Systemic Model


Oana Juncu

Oana Juncu

(This is a hands-on lab with limited capacity)

Change at organisational level and scaling transformation are today's core topics in companies. While we agree that approaches like Agile are effective to address complex systems, we tend to define scaling models as if organisations were "bigger" but simple, predictable systems that can me managed by fixed frameworks. In this session you can discover and experiment the “2 loops change model” from the Bercana Institute, a model that adresses change in a more organic way. Based on the cycle of a living organism, the model adresses how a system grows and decline to let a new one rise. The model designs how change agents can effective support and strengthen the "sparks of change", while securely hospice the old system. You will learn what are the main roles spotted in the two loops model, and, how we can all position ourselves in these roles to have a positive impact in a continuously changing organisation.

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Oana works with people willing to transform to a more thriving version of their organisations and their products . iShe likes to describe herself an an Agile Business DJ who mixes whatever practices make people proud of their outcomes and delight their customers.