DDD Europe 2022 - Program

Data Mesh in Practice - Assuring Data Quality at Scale


Gayathri Thiyagarajan

Gayathri Thiyagarajan

Data is the lifeblood of any Data-Driven organisation. High-value Data products, AI/ML pipelines and business decisions are made based on data.

Therefore, it is highly imperative that this data is of the highest quality and continues to stay high quality. Consequently, there is a need to do this centrally to provide standardisation and promote transparency and trust on the data quality metrics calculated and used to measure quality.

Data Mesh is a Data Architecture pattern that has emerged recently. It advocates for centralized capabilities for that constitutes data platform and federated governance across all data products which themselves are domain specific.

This talk is about the practical application of Data Mesh principle in the Data Quality space, the challenges of implementing such capability at scale and of course the opportunities it has unlocked within the organisation in turn

About Gayathri Thiyagarajan

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A software engineer with over 13 years experience in Java development. I have been working on designing and developing distributed systems for the past 5 years. I am passionate about Domain Driven design and architecture.

I have experienced first hand how much DDD can help in designing and building distributed architecture. I have been working as a DDD consultant for a high profile public sector client for the past year and half. I am looking forward to sharing the significant amount of knowledge I have gathered in course of that time.