DDD Europe 2022 - Program

Delegated missions at the rescue of Event Storming!


Philippe Bourgau and Matthieu Tournemire

Philippe BourgauMatthieu Tournemire

(This is a hands-on lab with limited capacity)

Did you ever facilitate an Event-Storming that felt more like light freezing rain than a tropical storm?

Event Storming is terrific... when it works! How do you ensure that all participants contribute as much as possible and don't lose their time? We have discovered that quickly training the participants to Delegated Missions will prepare them to self-organize and maximize their Return.On.Time.Invested! When using Delegated Missions in Event Storming, participants volunteer to carry out five critical missions for the benefit of the group. These five missions (facilitator, timekeeper, intent keeper, decision pusher, and meta-feedbacker) correspond to five key ingredients of the success of any collective event.

Using delegated missions will:

  • Help to scale Event Storming to a really large audience by avoiding the 'lecture' anti-pattern.
  • Remove a lot of the facilitation workload.
  • Can be learned 'on the job.'
  • Shine in a remote setting.
  • Apply to any collaborative design workshops.
  • Apply to any meeting!

Attend this session to try the Delegated Missions for real, and be ready to introduce them to your team tomorrow!

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