DDD Europe 2022 - Program

Design First APIs and Domain-Driven Design: a match made in heaven


Ljubica Lazarevic

Ljubica Lazarevic

There’s an API revolution happening. The tide is shifting away from the API being the afterthought of application development, to being front and center. As organizations make their way through their digital transformation journeys, they are recognizing the value of thinking of APIs as products and adopting API first methodologies.

However, not all API first methodologies are created equal. Code-first, for example, focuses on the development of the API, and then the documentation and testing components after.

Step forward, Design First. The Design First approach is growing in popularity when it comes to API design. This allows all teams working with API design to work together, using a common, human-understandable language. With all stakeholder views being represented from the outset, Design First allows for the rapid, cost-effective and democratized development of APIs, involving subject matter experts right from the start.

In this talk we will:

  • Go through the principles of “Design First” approach
  • Examine the benefits this approach brings
  • Show how it fits hand in glove with Domain Driven Design
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Ljubica is a technologist who is fascinated with data, making connections and empowering people to solve problems. With a background in development, consulting and architecture, she loves to see the world through the eyes of a user, and figuring out how to make them successful.