DDD Europe 2022 - Program

Heuristics Hunting for the Curious


Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

(This is a hands-on lab with limited capacity)

Heuristics not only aid us in design, they also determine our attitude and behavior. For example, you may use a specific design pattern to solve a particular problem, but at the same time as domain modeler you value shared understanding through ubiquitous language that is reflected in your code.

Come to this hands-on session to learn how to identify and use your heuristics more intentionally and discern those used by others. You’ll get to try out some ways to simply express your heuristics (so you can explore and explain them to others), identify competing heuristics, and unpack and evaluate shiny new heuristics you read or hear about.

Hands-on prerequisites

Bring your laptop

About Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

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I'm best known as the "design geek" who invented Responsibility-Driven Design and the xDriven meme (think TDD, BDD, DDD..). I'm keen on learning and sharing design heuristics, patterns and practices for architecting and reducing risk and improving quality on agile projects and programs. I'm a slow jogger... if anyone is interested in an early morning slow jog, it'd be fun to meet and go on a run.