DDD Europe 2022 - Program

Keep your streams short! Or how to model event-sourced systems efficiently


Oskar Dudycz

Oskar Dudycz

In event-sourced systems, no data is lost. We record new facts after each business operation. That's a huge benefit but also a challenge. At some point, we realise that we have too many events in our streams. That causes a whole variety of issues: operational, performance, versioning, but also cognitive load and blurring the entire picture. In this talk, you'll learn how to deal with the temporal aspect of our system and why it's essential to keep your streams short. You'll learn strategies and techniques to model your domain into streams efficiently. Thanks to that, you'll learn to efficiently create and maintain your event-sourced system, avoiding common pitfalls.

About Oskar Dudycz

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I'm a developer, technical team leader, and architect. I started a career before StackOverflow existed. For over 14 years, I've been creating systems close to the business process. I believe that Event-Driven Architectures and Event Sourcing are great ways to achieve that.

I'm an active open-source developer and one of the Marten library maintainers. I'm sharing my journey and findings on my blog https://event-driven.io and practical samples at https://github.com/oskardudycz.