DDD Europe 2022 - Program

Parrot Emergency! Evaluating Risks in your Application


Chelsea Troy

Chelsea Troy

(This is a hands-on lab with limited capacity)

Your team is writing an app for a parrot emergency room. This system needs to work—parrots' lives are on the line! What will you do to ensure a reliable, maintainable software system?

You will leave this workshop with a tool set for identifying risks in software systems and assessing how bad those risks are. You will also learn about several risk prevention and mitigation tactics, where each of them is useful (and not useful), and how to match them to system risks to implement during the software build process.

A lot of talks market unit tests as THE software safety solution, to be used universally, to the exclusion of all other options. Not only does this rarely result in 100% tested apps in practice, it also leaves systems vulnerable to the kinds of breakages that unit tests don't do a great job of catching. This workshop gives practitioners a framework to approach risk holistically in their software and understand MANY tools at their disposal to address it.

Hands-on prerequisites

Bring your laptop.

About Chelsea Troy

I write code for money, fling barbells for fun, and write about tech for jack diddly at chelseatroy.com.TwitterBlogCompany Website

Chelsea writes code on projects like the Zooniverse Citizen Science Mobile App and the NASA Landsat Image Processing Pipeline. She looks for clients who are saving the planet, advancing basic scientific research, or providing resources to underserved communities. She has been known to take projects in mobile development, web development, and machine learning. She streams some programming sessions to YouTube, so you can watch her code (and narrate!) in real time. She then turns the recordings into educational materials.

Chelsea also teaches Mobile Software Development at the Master’s Program in Computer Science at the University of Chicago. She is the author of chelseatroy.com and a book called Remote Work Sucks (the title is kind of a trap). She organizes two conferences: PromptConf (Chicago area, very technical) and ORD Camp (Chicago area, not nearly as technical).

Chelsea flings barbells around for fun. She drives an electric cafe cruiser named Gigi. She's very gay.