DDD Europe 2022 - Program

Strategies for introducing DDD: Leading upwards and sideways


Christian Horsdal

Christian Horsdal

This talk is about strategies for helping oranization adopt DDD. The talk is based on my experiences helping a number of organizations introduce DDD, including a multi year engagement with large scandinavian retailer WhiteAway. I will talk about what worked and what didn't. About leading upwards by giving your boss the tools to leverage DDD, leading sideways by identifying and working with important peers, and about finding the right places to in the architecture to further DDD thinking.

About Christian Horsdal

Consultant, author of "Microservices in .NET "Twitter

Christian Horsdal is an independent consultant with 20 years of experience building many kinds of systems from large scale microservice systems to tiny embedded systems and lots of stuff in between. He is a .NET expert, author of the books "Microservices in .NET" and "Instant Nancy Web Development", trainer, and an occasional open source contributor.