DDD Europe 2022 - Program

To DDD or not to DDD? Domain modelling case study


Weronika Łabaj

Weronika Łabaj

Domain modelling is the essence of DDD, yet it is one of the processes that are famously hard to describe and illustrate. The ultimate way to master it is by doing, making many mistakes and learning from them. However, you can significantly reduce the learning curve by exploring and analyzing modelling examples from various domains.

In this talk Weronika will take you on a deep dive into a surprisingly interesting domain that you have probably not yet heard about: dog sports. She will share with you a real life experience of rewriting a complex 20+ years old system using an iterative domain modelling process.

The talk will start with an overview of the legacy model, go over a number of model iterations that were investigated, concluding with the final one used in production. Each iteration will include an explanation of the decisions made and will show how the domain knowledge has driven technical solutions that were ultimately implemented.

About Weronika Łabaj

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Weronika is convinced that working code is just a side-effect of her work as software engineer. She is passionate about exploring various domains and learning how businesses work. Even more she loves asking hard questions and challenging common wisdom. She believes that world would be better, if everybody would ask "wait, but why?" way more often.